Precautions for Large Comprehensive Crusher

12. 21, 2021

1. The connecting parts of the motor, reducer, hydraulic coupling, head, tail, etc. must be complete and intact. The reducer and hydraulic shaft should be tightly secured without oil leakage, and the amount of oil should be appropriate;

2. The signal must be sensitive and reliable. If there is no signal, the spray sprinkler device must be intact;

3. The power cables and operating wires must be hung neatly and free from squeezing;

4. Coal, gangue, debris, motor and reducer coal dust near the head must be cleaned up;

5. The overlap between the head of the working surface scraping conveyor and the tail of the transfer machine should be appropriate;

6. The scraper chain plate must be moderately tight, and the scraper and screws must be fully tightened;

7. The traveling trolley of the transfer machine must be stable and reliable;

8. When the reprinting machine is turned on under the partial condition of the bridge body, there should be no abnormal sound in the operation of the various parts of the drying equipment, and the scraper, chain, and connecting ring should be free from twisting or bending;

9. The roadway support at the comprehensive crusher and the crusher must be intact and firm;

10. The safety protection net and protection device of the comprehensive wood crusher should be guaranteed to be safe and reliable without deformation and failure;

11. The roadway support at the transfer machine and the comprehensive wood crusher must be intact and firm.

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