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Ring Die Feed Pellet Machine

Model: YHKJ250; YHKJ320; YHKJ350; YHKJ420

Capacity: 1-1.5t/h; 2-4t/h; 4-6t/h; 8-10t/h

Power: 22kw; 37kw; 55kw; 110kw

Final Pellets: 2.5-8mm


What is Ring Die Feed Pellet Machine?

Ring die feed pellet machine specially to make feed pellets for poultry, chicken, pig. The material passing through the modulator enters the granulation chamber and rapidly extruded through the ring die and the press roller to form cylindrical pellets.

Feed pellet machine is mainly used for pressing crushed corn, sorghum, wheat and other crushed grains. This kind of feed pellet machine is widely used in feed farm.

Technical Parameter
ModelCapacity(t/h)Main Motor Power(kw)Feeder Motor Power(kw)Conditioner Power(kw)Dia. Of Ring Die(mm)Final Pellet  (mm)

Ring die feed pellet machine can press various crushed grains into feed pellets. Finished pellets are suitable for pig, chicken, cow, sheep, horse, rabbit, duck.


1. The horizontal ring die feed pellet machine has a wide adaptability to materials and can process a variety of compound feeds with different requirements.

2. When processing materials, the temperature is moderate, can maintain the microelements, good tasty and absorption.

3. The feed pellet machine can work more safer with forced material-entrance and overload protection device

4. Feed pellet machine adopts speed-adjust feeding, can control the feeding capacity correctly to fit for different materials and meet the production requirement of pellets with different diameters.

5. The diameter of the finished pellets can be adjusted between 2mm and diameter 8mm(change the die with different diameter), the length can be adjusted between 5-20mm, suitable for animal different growing period.

6. The feed pellets processed by this feed pellet machine have neat appearance, smooth surface and high density, which is convenient for storage and transportation.

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