trituradora de madera

Straw Rotary Cutter

Model: YGRC-2000; YGRC-3000;

Capacity: 3-4t/h; 5-7t/h

Power: 110kw; 160kw

Final cutting materials: 3-5cm


What is Straw Rotary Cutter?

Straw rotary cutter is a professional crushing equipment to crush bundles of straw into small particles 3-5cm. Rotary cutter consists of basement, gear driving, rotating box and rotor. Straw rotary cutter can cut bundles of straw, corn stalks, branches, bamboo and stem. It is widely used in the crushing process of crop stalk, straw fuel pellets, biomass power generation, and other industrial fields.

Technical Parameter
ModelPower(kw)Capacity(t/h)Feeding Size(mm)(R/min)

Straw rotary cutter can deal with a wide range of raw materials, such as bundles of agricultural straw, crops.


1. Large feeding size. easy to feed materials; feeding quickly.

2. High output. The rotary disk of rotary cutter can be put large quantity of materials, intermittent feeding is possible.

3. Crushing the raw materials thoroughly by adopting gear-driven rotation dialing.

4. High cutting efficiency. There is impede flap in the inner wall of the rotary disk, which can grasp straw bales to rotate.

5. High cutting intensity. The rotary cutter is a blend of cutting and crushing machine. The main material is straw bale in compaction status.

6. High working efficiency and saving labor cost. It is no need disassembling to cut bale and actualizes.

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