What are the factors affecting the quality of wood chips

03. 01, 2022

Wood chipper is an ideal equipment for wood cutting processing. It not only has large output, high qualification rate, good plate shape, reasonable structure and simple operation, and has been welcomed by the majority of users. For customers who deliver wood chips to papermaking enterprises, the qualified rate of wood chips directly affects the sales price of wood chips. Then, what are the factors that affect the quality of wood chips?

One  is directly related to the blade of the wood chipper machine, because the sharper the blade of the wood chipper, the greater the output of the wood chipper, and the better the shape of the wood chipper, so we should pay attention to the blade of the wood chipper in our work. Whether there is wear, if there is wear, it should be replaced in time, so as not to affect the output and qualified rate of the wood chipper.

Another factor that affects the wood chipper is the dry or humidity of the wood. When there is a certain humidity inside the wood, the size of the wood chips cut by the wood chipper is relatively uniform, and the wear on the blade is also small; when the wood is too dry The cut wood chips will be relatively broken, and the power consumption will be large, and the life of the blade will be shortened.

Besides, the factors that affect the difficulty of chipping processing include: tree species, material (such as hardness, density), grain orientation, wood defects (such as knots, stress wood), etc. In addition, high content of resin and other inclusions will also bring difficulties to sawing and sand cutting. For woods that are difficult to cut, such as tropical woods and high-density wood-based panels, special tool materials should be used and processed with carbide tools. The grinding angle of the tool and the cutting angle of the installed tool should not be too small when cutting hard wood.


The wood chipper produced by our company RotexMaster is composed of machine base, cutter head, driving spindle, feeding port, cover, electrical control system and other parts, with simple structure and stable performance. The wood chipper can process a variety of coarse materials, and the diameter of the wood processed by different types of chippers is also different, and the length is not limited. 

If you want to consult wood chipper, just tell us the size of your wood log or other raw materials, and the capacity per hour you want, we can match suitable wood chipper for you. Email:; Whatsapp/wechat: 0086 15550063221

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