What is the Prospect of the Wood Pellet Plant

11. 13, 2021

The wood pellet market is very regional and needs on-site inspections in the local area. The world market is still quite large, and the supply has even exceeded demand in recent years. We analyze from several aspects:

First understand the country's policy direction. Investigate the local environmental protection policy, whether to allow coal to be burned, mainly to inspect whether the factory can burn coal.

Investigate the use unit. All coal-burning units are the objects of your investigation, with the exception of power plants. Wood pellets can be used in chemical industry, smelting, heating, schools, enterprises, bathing centers, etc.

The market size of wood pellets is basically clear after the inspection, but it is not enough only to investigate the market for wood pellets, and more importantly, to investigate the raw material market.

As known, the smallest wood pellet machine consumes more than one ton of sawdust an hour, at least a dozen tons a day. If there are not enough raw materials in the local area, it will be useless even if the market is good.

Sawdust pellets are only one kind of biomass pellet fuel. Straws, rice husks, peanut shells, waste boards, building templates, etc. can all be used as fuel pellets. So when investigating the raw materials, we should not limit ourselves to wood pellets. You can expand it. Investigate at the actual situation on the ground.

Then look at the detailed introduction of the characteristics of biomass. Biomass pellet machine fuel can be used for boiler combustion in the production process of industrial products such as textiles, printing and dyeing plants, paper industry, food, rubber, chemical plants, and pharmaceutical plants. It can use the boiler fuel required by enterprises, administrative agencies, hotels, high schools, restaurants, and service chemical processing and manufacturing industries, for heating, bathrooms, household central air conditioners, and residences.

What is the Prospect of the Wood Pellet Plant

1) The heating of large and medium-sized breeding factory sheds to maintain environmental protection and heating;

2) The new energy for domestic heating equipment is clean, free of environmental pollution, convenient for storage and transportation

3) Boilers and kilns replace natural gas to deal with air pollution

4) As an energy source for gasification power stations and thermal power generation, it can handle the problems of small and medium thermal power stations.

Characteristics of Biomass Pellets

1. Green energy, cleanliness and ecological environment protection

When ignited, it is smokeless, odorless, clean and environmentally friendly. Its sulfur content, ash water content and ammonia content are far lower than coal and oil. This is a new energy that is environmentally friendly and clean. Has the reputation of "emerald green coal".

2. Low cost and high efficiency

Biomass fuel has a high calorific value, is directly applied, and the cost is lower than that of gas energy.

3. Relative density is increased, storage and transportation are convenient

The molded fuel is very light, has a large proportion, and has a large bulk density, which is beneficial to production conversion, storage, transportation and continuous use.

4. High efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection

The volatile chemical substance is high, the carbon specificity is high, the ash content is only 1/20 of coal, the waste heat recovery in the desulfurized gypsum is extremely low, and the ignition rate is about 98%.

5. Generally acceptable

Biomass energy can be widely used in industrial manufacturing, power stations, heating, heating furnace ignition, cooking, etc.

Characteristics of Biomass Energy Fuel