How to Install Wood Chipper

02. 08, 2022

1. First put the main machine wood chipper in place, then install the feeding trough and belt, and then install the discharging belt conveyor.

2. Wiring: according to the motor power, use different types of cables to connect the motor. It is strictly prohibited to use small types of cables to connect the high-power motor, so as to avoid potential accidents. After wiring, seal the motor inlet with sealant to prevent dust from entering the motor and causing short circuit.

3. Add gear oil to the reducer of each model of the equipment, usually to 2/3 of the observation port.

4. Add high temperature resistant grease to each bearing of the equipment, the high temperature resistant shall be above 260°

5. Adjust the tightness of the feeding belt and the discharging belt to prevent the belt from deviating. In case of the belt deviating, tighten the adjusting bolts on which side of the belt to run until the belt runs normally.

6. Fill the oil pump with hydraulic oil, start the oil pump before the machine runs, and close the oil return circuit when the feeding roller cover is about 2 cm away from the side plate of the machine to prevent the cover from colliding with the side plate, and then turn off the motor

7. The motor labels have rated power. It is strictly forbidden to exceed the rated power when the machine is working, so as to prevent the motor from burning out.

8. Starting sequence: discharging belt conveyor ---main motor---feeding motor---feeding belt conveyor

9. Shutdown sequence: feeding belt conveyor---feeding motor---main motor---discharging belt conveyor

10. Note: Foreign objects such as iron and gravel are strictly prohibited to enter the wood chipper. Grease the bearings every day and check the fastening screws, especially the flying knife on the rotor or fastening screws of hammer. The gap between the flying knife and the fixed knife should be 3-5mm, and the knife should be sharpened in time according to use and wear situation.

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